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Welcome to the first blog article on the new Intaglio Glass and Design Ltd website

in fact, welcome to the new website too. You can look around and see what we do elsewhere on the site, but basically decorative and back-painted glass is our speciality, whilst we also produce balustrades, shower enclosures, bespoke mirrors and various other related products for the home and the office.

We’ve been trading since 2000, and are based just outside Glasgow, though we serve the whole of the UK. We decided a few month ago that our trusty old website was looking a bit tired, so have been working with the guys at Crocodile Communications to come up with something a bit better, which I hope you will agree we have. From looking at site designs, content, images and SEO, the guys have helped us come up with what you see today. We still have images, content and case studies to work on and add, but we are now off and running.

So, what are we up to currently? Well, there’s a lot going on and we intend to keep you up to date through this section of the website. Presently we are making many bespoke back-painted splashbacks for both commercial and residential customers, which seems to be a look that never goes out of fashion. We are also producing some kitchen and bathroom splashbacks in multiples of 50 for some new large sized commercial ventures in Glasgow – basically the architect works with us and we discuss the possibilities before deciding on the look and how we can help with achieving this. We are also working on several smaller and more detailed “reproduction” type projects for customers, and with our fitters out regularly fitting splashbacks round Scotland, it’s a busy time for Intaglio Glass and Design. From fitting a splashback in Mrs Smith’s kitchen in Glasgow, to producing glass finishes in multiples of 200 for a new hotel, it all comes alike to us.

In terms of new products and innovation, we are currently working on several new products and finishes which will add to our product range and give some options to customers not seen in this field before. We’ll keep you up to date.
Incidentally, we’re also on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Why not come along and connect with us there? We love producing glass, but we talk about other stuff too!