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Glass in the kitchen – the hygiene angle

When it comes to using painted glass for splashbacks and worktops, we at Intaglio Glass and Design Ltd firmly believe that the look, durability and practicality are second to none. Given that you can have toughened painted glass in almost any part of your kitchen and on any surface, the look and durability of the product is timeless and long lasting. Add to that the variety and style that a splashback with the image of your choice laminated on can bring – whether a map, picture of your children or favourite landscape - and you can see that the options that exist for modern looks in the kitchen of today are varied and exciting.


One angle that is often overlooked however is that of hygiene. Joins in worktops and those spaces between wall tiles are breeding grounds for bacteria and the very types of diseases you don’t want in a kitchen where food for your family and guests is prepared. This is another area where glass comes into its own. With solid splashbacks on the wall and worktops with no joins, glass provides the perfect “easy to clean” surface that can dispel those hidden germs easily and effectively with a bacterial wipe – leaving you with the confidence that any bacteria is going in the bin with the wipe, and not into your food.

Irrefutable evidence that glass in your kitchen is not only stylish and durable, but can help keep you healthy too!

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