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About Intaglio Glass

Intaglio Glass and Design Ltd was launched in 1999 by Graeme Duncan and his business partner who had spent several months in Australia researching the methods of using  “kiln formed” glass for commercial environments. The organisation was formed after identifying a defined gap in the UK market for bespoke glass products. Intaglio quickly became the first company to supply curved glass to the glazing industry, supplementing its “kiln formed glass” production.

During this period of growth Intaglio used foreign trade shows and market intelligence to identify new products and technologies that would complement its product range, and in 2006 introduced the range of Intaglio “I-Coat back painted glass”, which with its excellent finish and stylish look soon became extremely popular in respect of splashbacks for kitchens and bathrooms. By targeting commercial and retail outlets, and led by Graeme and Gillian Duncan, the organisation soon established partnerships with some of the UK’s premier builders of home and commercial premises, as well as serving the public from its East Kilbride production facility.


To accommodate the ever increasing need for bespoke glass with engineering modifications – think splashbacks with holes for sockets, taps and so forth – Intaglio invested heavily in its own process, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine, polishing and drilling machines. To supplement this Intaglio expanded into another 2000 square foot facility entirely dedicated to paint spraying, sandblasting and special glass processes.

As Intaglio sees the benefit and uses of glass continue to grow, we constantly strive for innovation and new ideas, which we like to think sets us apart from others. All our employees share the same enthusiasm, attention to detail and commitment to quality and dedication to ensure all our work is precise, detailed and the finish is world class.

Whether your glass needs are small or large, a member of our knowledgeable team will be only too happy to talk you through the options.